An Acoustic, Alt Folk band with elements of Jazz


Since 2013 they have received acclaim on radio, stage and record by working with diverse groups of musicians and varied instrumentation. Their unpredictable live shows and eclectic influences make for a refreshingly curious act featuring both original material and new takes on classics.

An alternative folk band from Wigan

QSOE have played main stage along side artists from all over the world at festivals such as the Ukulele Festival of Scotland and the recently voted ‘ best ukulele festival ‘ Grand Northern Ukulele Festival.

The Wigan band has released two full studio albums of original music and one live album, a their latest EP release ‘ Day To Day Parade ‘ is now available on most online stores.
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Their music has been featured on highly successful advertising campaigns being heard over 200,000 times online. They have had extensive radio play, contributed to film soundtracks and were recently asked to submit their music to the British Library.
QSOE have helped to revitalise the local music scene with regular performances around Wigan and by helping to organise fantastic live music events.

They’ll be playing a large range of acoustic covers always with their own unique twist