NEW! Christmas Menu!

On Sunday 26th November, we will be starting a NEW Christmas Menu! Come on down and try some of the most delicious, festive, treats! From Breakfast, right through to our Big Plates, there’s something for everyone!

Home Cooked Food

All our food is locally sourced a prepared fresh to order. The great fresh food is also cooked by local people so you know you’ll be getting good honest home cooked food with no messing around. Hopefully our menu has something for everyone but if there is nothing you fancy please let us know.

Breakfast Menu

Main Menu


We have some fantastic locally bought Cask Ales and amazing wines to choose from, something for every taste and every dish we create, our staff can advise you on your choice. Our premium spirit range is second to none, we have English vodkas, fancy gins and a huge selection of fine malts.