Here at The Royal Oak, we have LIVE Music EVERY Week! On Friday nights from 9pm and Sunday afternoons from 6pm!

Fridays and Sundays LIVE!

Every single Friday and Sunday we have LIVE music! We have a few resident acts whose reputation is known with our customers! Some of our live acts include, local singer songwriters and amazing cover artists with a wide range of material from all genres! We also have an extensive range of bands that join us. Mainly on our ‘live music Fridays’, including a very cool ‘skiffle’ band The Gestures who remix popular songs into their niche!

We have a wide range of live acts that grace The Royal Oak stage every week! We have a range of talent for everyone to enjoy! Why not come down!? Or even inquire about joining our live line up!?

Scran Before The Songs?

On Fridays before 8pm we have our menu for you to enjoy! So why not head down before one of our LIVE Music Fridays to enjoy our tasty Friday deal!